PAR + StumpCraft Puzzles on Sale

Posted by Jasen Robillard on

Just a quick post to highlight our price reductions on our remaining stock of PAR + StumpCraft puzzles. While supplies last, you can take advantage of 15-22% off our original list prices.

These puzzles were produced in limited quantities in collaboration with PAR Puzzles, a NY-based company that has been making hand-cut wood puzzles since 1932. All three puzzles are made in the StumpCraft workshop using the high quality printing and cutting specs you've come to expect from us. Each puzzle features a high resolution 
vintage cover image from the Saturday Evening Post, as well as the classic PAR silhouettes and cutlines of the PAR hand-cut style. These PAR + StumpCraft puzzles also come in a classy, glossy black cardboard PAR box.

This is definitely the most cost effective way of trying out a PAR puzzle, as hand-cut puzzles typically run $2-3 per piece! Get them while we still have them in stock as once we're out, they will be retired to our vault!

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