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Time for a Puzzle Pause

If you haven't heard, jigsaw puzzles are the newest in a string of "essential" goods that have been depleted as people are looking to new and old ways of spending time while in isolation as a result of COVID-19. As is the case with other wooden puzzle makers, StumpCraft is in a sudden and unexpected state of high demand and low supply: as of today, StumpCraft's online cupboard is bare.

Understandably, I've been fielding emails and calls for the last few weeks asking when new stock will be added. The good news is that as a solo entrepreneur, I'm at a production scale that allows my one-and-only employee (me) to continue making puzzles. As such, I'm still cutting and boxing puzzles daily with a view of updating my inventory on Monday May 4. At that time, I will have all puzzles in stock for as long as demand doesn't outstrip my personal supply curve.

The other benefit of taking a pause on puzzle order fulfilment is that it gives me the chance to start work on new puzzles. My aim is to have a new puzzle released as close to May 4 as possible. Here's a sneak peek of the art, by Calgary artist Melissa McKinnon:

 Melissa McKinnon - Bursting Blooms

Thanks for you patience as we navigate these unprecedented times together. I wish you all well.

Stay awesome, stay healthy!



  • Hi! Just discovered you and your neat puzzles! is there any chance you’ll be making the dinosaur puzzle again? I would love to get it for my husband. Would you take an order for it? Thanks! Donna

  • Hi Jasen,
    We have 2 of your puzzles and love them. We are interested in purchasing Melissa McKinnon new release once it becomes available.
    Thank you
    Brian walman

    Brian Walman
  • Love your puzzles! Just wondering if you are taking pre-orders?

    Ann Sorensen

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