Custom Puzzles

One of our most frequent requests is a way of using your own art and photos to create custom-printed puzzles. 

Good news: we anticipate restarting our custom-printed puzzles, beginning in March.

Our 2023 custom puzzles will be in a small cardboard box format, with puzzle dimensions of 27.5cm by 27.5 cm in size, consisting of roughly 200-250 pieces and will initially be priced at $189 CAD. If the demand warrants other formats and sizes, we'll expand the offering as soon as possible.
In the meantime, if you are interested in a custom puzzle you can add your name to our notification list and we will send you an email when we are ready to take payment. We expect to trigger our first print run in March and our custom puzzle order window for 2023 will close in August. We will update submission deadlines once we have a production schedule.

If you are interested in custom puzzles, we invite you to express interest 
via this online form. Once we have a sufficient amount of interest (~30 orders), we will initiate our first batch for custom printing and provide a timeline for delivery or pickup. We expect to do customs from March until August (at which point, we’re simply too busy to accommodate additional custom orders). 

Thanks for you interest in custom-printed StumpCraft puzzles!