Custom Puzzles

2020 Custom Puzzle Order Windows -
*We are no longer printing custom puzzles as a result of COVID19 production restrictions. We will be evaluating over the coming months but don't expect to offer custom puzzles until February 2021 at the earliest. The deadlines below are kept for full disclosure of typical order timelines.*

  • 1st Deadline for photo submissions: Feb 25. Puzzle ready ~ March 31
  • 2nd Deadline for photo submissions: April 2. Puzzle ready ~ May 6 (Mother's Day is May 12)
  • 3rd Deadline for photo submissions: June 2. Puzzle ready ~ July 29 
  • 4th Deadline for photo submissions: Sept 2. Puzzle ready ~ Oct 31.

One of our most frequent requests is a way of using your own art and photos to create custom puzzles. StumpCraft can now make that happen.

For the moment, we have one puzzle design that we're using for all custom puzzles. If you want to take a gander at the shapes and overall cut pattern, it will look like the mirror image of the photo below. This corresponds to the Treerific puzzle design which we added to our catalog in April 2018. Over time, we'll be adding more patterns but for the time being, you've got a choice of 1:

  • Dimensions: 34.3cm x 25cm
  • Piece Count: 232
  • Price: $199

Thus, dimensions of your art or image will have to closely match the ~3:4 ratio dimensions otherwise, cropping will be required. I recommend a high quality image, ideally over 10 MB in size. Expect a minimum 3 week turnaround for all custom puzzles

If the above is of interest, send me an email ( jasen AT stumpcraft . com) and we'll get started on the process!