Deep Dive: not easily phased by Angela Morgan

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Artist: Angela Morgan
Puzzle Designers: Siri Olson
Dimensions: 41.5 cm x 30.5 cm
Piece Count: 562
Difficulty: 5 out of 5

About the Artist

Since the very beginnings of StumpCraft, Angela has been on the list of artists we wanted to collaborate with. With a little matchmaker nudging from our mutual friends at Artym Gallery in Invermere, Jasen and Angela connected in August of 2022. As a seed of inspiration, Jasen selected a few past artworks and suggested the following description:

"I'm picturing a lusciously colourful, diversely patterned group of women drinking wine in a vineyard garden-tasting area. Whites, rosés, reds, sparkling, blends, bottles, flutes and glasses, elegant purses, parasols and shades, bold pumps and other accoutrements."

As with good wine, ideas benefit from a little time in the barrel to age. Angela sent us a few pieces the following April, and we very shortly landed on ‘not easily phased’ as our Fall 2023 release. This description would also seed the ideas for puzzle pieces in Siri’s design.

Angela Morgan’s ‘not easily phased’ is a brilliant example of her vibrant use of patterns, her masterful use of dynamic contrasts, and her whimsical sense of playfulness in depicting the joys of life with a cast of intriguing characters.

Angela’s artistic endeavours began after the completion of her Bachelor in Fine Arts degree (BFA) in April of 2000, which ended a ten-year stretch of university education. Angela attended Bismarck State College in North Dakota, Concordia University in Montreal, the University of Regina, and finally, the University of Calgary. Angela lives and works in Fernie, B.C., while her work can be found in galleries across Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, and the United States.



Angela Morgan Artist Website

Angela Morgan on Instagram

Angela Morgan on Facebook

Shop: Angela Morgan - not easily phased

Reference Image: not easily phased by Angela Morgan


Siri’s Puzzle Design Notes

When asked about the meaning behind the title of her artwork, Angela pointed out that one of her painted ladies was wearing a moon-phase necklace. To this, she coyly added:

  • You can’t throw this group of divas off course (not easily phased).
  • These sassy women won’t be deterred from celebrating (not easily phased).
  • Nothing you could say could shock this group of gals (not easily phased).

Angela’s unapologetically confident diva attitude carried through in her work, inviting me to be bold in my own art. In honour of all the divas out there and as a tribute to the divine feminine, I intentionally designed some moon-shaped whimsies to reinforce the meaning behind the title.

Moon phase influence - Angela Morgan's not easily phased

Diva originally meant “goddess” (divine, deity) in Latin. During the Renaissance, it referred to celebrated female opera singers known for their exceptional talent. Over time, it broadened to include any woman with outstanding skills and charisma. Now though, it sometimes carries negative shadow connotations of arrogance and excessive demands. The dual nature of the term reflects the complex relationships society has had with powerful and assertive women throughout history.

It's important to remember that disruptions & disappointments in life are inevitable and often cyclical. There is no obligation for these to define us. Life is much less pleasant when we are thrown off balance by every little hiccup and encountered hurdle. By reminding myself that my feminine energy is grounded in ‘being’, I can embrace my true self untainted by the things, events and emotions that might otherwise phase me.

Dress-Up Divas Whimwham:

The idea behind the dress-up diva puzzle pieces was sparked by Jasen's suggestion to hide some dolls throughout the puzzle, and using ballet and modern dancers as references for interesting poses. Add in a dash of nostalgia and you get some dancing ladies reminiscent of those paper doll fashion books with customizable outfits. You might recall the little white paper rectangles jutting out of their shoulders and hips. 

With the personas that shine through in all of Angela's work, the 'dress-up divas' had to be equally animated. They came to life in different poses, inspired in part by the movement in Angela Morgan's Study: open audition II. Jasen & I viewed ‘open audition II’ at a tea party hosted by Gibson Fine Art.

Each of the three ladies in ‘not easily phased’ comes with three distinct outfits. I’ve added a few arrows to give wardrobe clues and suggestions. I can vividly picture the curly blue-haired puzzle piece lady in her 'lemonade pitcher' dress, dancing in the kitchen, deftly manoeuvring with a wine glass to some good tunes; a great moment of movement captured in a puzzle piece.

Cheese Board Whimwham:

Angela Morgan's artistry is a testament to the power of storytelling through colours and shapes. Just as a well-curated cheese board is an artful arrangement of flavours and textures, Angela's art is a carefully crafted ensemble of hues and forms. Each piece reminds us that art, like food, nourishes the soul and brings people together. And perhaps like a cheese board, her art invites conversation and connection, beckons viewers to engage, to interpret, and to share their own stories in response. 

StumpCraft Cheese Board Whimwham - not easily phased by Angela Morgan

For me, the checkered tablecloth and explosion of flowers bring up scent memories linked to my backyard being a shared space, where my dad’s Leaf & Lyre garden parties were a frequent and colourful occurrence. Friends and random acquaintances would come and go, often sharing local goods or trading stories, the back gate a revolving door. This "food in community" lifestyle taught me valuable lessons. Perhaps most importantly, it taught me the value and beauty of coming together around a table (especially one with carefully themed decor), not just to eat but to connect. The banquet table is a space that reinforces the idea that vulnerability is a strength, that empathy is a virtue, and that human connection is a life-giving force.

When piecing together the intricate puzzle of our existence, it’s often best to be unphased by the distractions and minor discomforts that take away from “being”. Life (as I know it) isn’t about being easily phased; it’s about finding beauty in the everyday, coming together with friends and strangers alike, and embracing our inner divas. Thriving rather than just existing comes from cherishing the importance of authenticity, particularly in a world where our true selves are often overshadowed by others’ expectations.

Within each of us lies an inner diva, waiting to be authentically celebrated and dressed up as the need requires. So get out there - dance like the diva you are! 

Whimsy List

  • 8x Pumps
  • 4x Parasols
  • Champagne flute
  • Sunglasses
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Moon Goddess
  • Triple Moon Symbol
  • Moon Phases
  • Lips
  • Corkscrew Bottle Opener
  • Whimwhams 
    • 3x Dress-Up Divas (each with 3 dresses)
    • 3x Wine Glasses
    • Carrot Cake
    • Canned Peaches
    • Moon Phases
    • Purse
  • Hidden Whimwham - Cheese Board
    • Olives
    • Cheese Knife
    • Cheese Wheel
    • Swiss Cheese Wedge
    • Grapes & Vine
    • Wine Bottle
    • Jar of pickles
    • Baguette

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