2022 Highlights and Looking Forward to 2023

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Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed some quality time with friends and family over the last few weeks. Our StumpCraft Puzzle Workshop Elves definitely appreciated the time off to recover from a busy season. After a little rest & recreation with our families, we’re ready to dig into 2023.

As we do annually, we like to do a year-end retrospective to highlight some of our milestones and accomplishments - all of which we really couldn’t have done without you. Consider this our attempt at high-fiving you via email. 🙌

Here are a few of our highlights from this year:

  • We successfully attended 9 Holiday Craft Shows in 3 provinces over the course of the last 4 months without losing our minds or any puzzles! We love meeting up with puzzlers from across the country, many of whom have not experienced wood puzzles before. The most common refrain heard near our booth: “Whoa! Is that a puzzle!?

  • We released 9 new puzzles this year, doubling our typical annual design output. All were incredibly well received and reviewed. If you’d like to add your voice to the 190+ 5-star reviews we’ve garnered this year, we’d love to feature your reviews on our website!

  • Among our new releases, we were surprised by the overwhelmingly positive responses to our mini puzzles. More of these to come for sure!

  • Every year, we select a local charity to support. With your help especially through our Giving Week campaign, we managed to raise $3700 in support of mental health and the Mountain Muskox Mentorship Program

  • We cut over 2.4 million puzzle pieces in 2022!

What’s planned for 2023 you might ask?

We have 3 new designs in the works, and several others waiting patiently in the wings. The art for our three next releases can be previewed in our Coming Soon listings. If you wish to be alerted as soon as we release them, we recommend signing up for our notification emails.

Beyond the new puzzles you’ve come to expect from us, we’re also keen to explore other collaborations with local artists and businesses.  More on this as ideas and details emerge…

And finally, we are going to give custom puzzles a try once again! By popular request, we are currently registering interest via this online form. Once we have a sufficient amount of interest (~30 puzzles), we will initiate our first batch for custom printing. Our initial offering will be in our square format small boxes with a standard yet recognizably “StumpCraft” cut. We expect to do customs from March until August (at which point, we’re simply too busy to accommodate additional custom orders). 

Wishing you health, resilience, and joy with a sprinkling of wonder in 2023!

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