Close Encounters: A Closer Look at The Sky Was Beautiful on Fire

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Introducing our newest puzzle: Steve Driscoll's The Sky Was Beautiful on Fire. So excited about this one! I had the pleasure of experiencing this awe-inspiring piece of art in person last summer at the McMichael Gallery as part of their "Size Matters" exhibit. I'd highly recommend visiting any (ALL) of Steve's exhibits if you ever have the chance.

Without much further ado, here are some closeups of the puzzle pieces.

Since the dawn of humanity, our species has looked to the heavens as a source of awe, inspiration, and meaning...

The Sky Was Beautiful on Fire - telescope astronomy piecesThe Sky Was Beautiful on Fire - telescope constellations astronomy pieces 

Why does the moon wax and wane? Who put those stars in the night sky? Why do the heavens dance, spark and occasionally rain down rock?

The Sky was Beautiful on Fire - moon, meteor, shooting star puzzle pieces

In time, patterns emerged in the night sky that paralleled our own ability to engender patterns through speech, language and art. Names were given and stories were told about the constellations above, perhaps to bring a sense of predictable order to an otherwise chaotic life of struggle and survival.

The Sky Was Beautiful on Fire - constellations & zodiac puzzle pieces

Our ambitions to conquer the natural world grew, and we sought to make the world our own through exploration, invention and scientific study. Our interest in the cosmos led to the development of instruments of astronomy, navigation and the study of objects both too small or too far for the naked eye to see.

The Sky Was Beautiful on Fire - telescope sextant dipper puzzle pieces

Driven by innate curiosity and boundary shattering tendencies, we would then seek to break free from our earth-shackled observations. Soon our earthbound tools would be sent to space to expand human perspectives and scientific frames of references. As our outward examination into the cosmic universe deepened, so did our inward examination of life on earth.

The Sky Was Beautiful on Fire - rocket satellite hubble puzzle pieces

The cosmos still beckons and challenges us. With life on earth under the expert scrutiny of countless fields of study and humanity's insatiable appetites, our curiosity once again turns outward. Are we the lucky few in an otherwise dark and lifeless universe? Will we ever discover signs of life outside of Earth’s atmosphere? Outside our galaxy? What is humanity's role in an ever-expanding universe?

The Sky was Beautiful on Fire - galaxy ufo tesla roadster puzzle pieces

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  • Got this puzzle for Christmas, its so much fun!!! And i love the colors
    Not as complicated as i thought, but definitely a challenge for a puzzle lover!!!

    Tiffany albert on

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