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Corporate Gifts: Helping You Become a Generosity Hero!

Posted by Jasen Robillard on

StumpCraft Corporate Gifting


Business leaders know the challenges that staff, employees and clients have navigated over the last 2 years within the work environment, but also at home and within social circles. They also have an earnest desire to thank staff, coworkers and clients for their sacrifice, support and contributions especially in a way that encourages much needed rest and quality time with family.

We strongly believe our puzzles provide a great opportunity to escape the outside world in a way that facilitates mental health and meaningful moments with the people we care the most about.

Choosing a corporate gift with wide appeal can be challenging. Our puzzles fill the generosity gap either by being the perfect gift for the receiver of the puzzle, or by providing a perfect opportunity for them to be the generosity hero. In some cases, the puzzle might fit both purposes by allowing the puzzle to be solved once, and then passed along to another dear friend or family member. Through a "puzzle it forward" approach, your corporate gift can become a perpetual opportunity for purposeful generosity.

If your company would like to discuss how to be a generosity hero by partnering with us. Please contact cory@stumpcraft.com to explore the possibilities. Cory will assist you not only in selecting the perfect puzzles, but also the puzzles that fit your budget.

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