Love in Pieces: Infuse Date Night with Play

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In the world of jigsaw puzzles, a delightful interplay of shapes and colours exists, with each piece contributing to the completion of the final image. Jigsaw puzzles are a metaphor for relationships—where separate pieces combine to create a unified masterpiece. At StumpCraft, we recognize and celebrate these parallels, understanding that puzzles and relationships require patience and collaboration to achieve harmony.

Just as each puzzle piece has its own unique traits and edges, individuals bring their distinct personalities, experiences, and perspectives into relationships. In the routines and rhythm of daily life, it's easy to overlook the importance of nurturing these connections. 

We were inspired by Esther Perel’s idea of adult play dates - a playful twist on traditional date nights that invites couples to infuse their romantic outings with creativity and spontaneity. At first glance, the idea of turning date night into a play date might seem unconventional. After all, aren't date nights supposed to be about candlelit dinners and romantic strolls? 

While those classic elements certainly have their charm, Infusing date nights with play opens the door to creativity, laughter, and adventure—essential ingredients for fostering intimacy and joy in relationships. Tackling a challenging wood jigsaw puzzle together, for instance, invites couples to explore their playful sides and enjoy the magic of shared experiences. Through these activities, partners can rediscover the excitement and passion that initially drew them to each other.

Moreover, playfulness is a powerful tool for communication and connection within relationships. By letting down their guard and engaging in lighthearted activities, couples create a safe space for honest expression and vulnerability. Collaborative endeavours further deepen bonds, strengthen trust, and enhance mutual understanding, while the laughter and joy shared during play date nights are a potent antidote for stress and tension.

Infuse your next Date Night with play and discover the joy of shared experiences with a StumpCraft wood jigsaw puzzle. Browse our catalogue today and embark on a journey of creativity, laughter, and love.

Here a are a few puzzles to get your romantic play date going:

25-Year Journey 

This painting was commissioned as a wedding anniversary gift: a beautiful reflection of their time together as a couple.

Birds & Bees

The air is a buzz with the flutter of wings and the tweet sounds of nature. A great puzzle to tackle with your closest puzzle-solving partner.  

Lac la Hache Wildflowers

Lac la Hache Wildflowers

A bouquet of flowers is always a classic. Why not give those flowers in puzzle form?



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