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Happy Holidays by Kim Smith

Happy Holidays by Kim Smith

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Artist: Kim Smith

Dimensions: 35cm x 23cm (small)
Piece Count: 360 

Kim Smith is the NYT bestselling illustrator of over 30 books for children. Kim has also worked on children’s video games, puzzles, animation, 3D displays, posters, and magazines. A former e-card Holiday illustration has been repurposed for your puzzling pleasure.

This Christmas Holiday puzzle is loaded with whimsical pieces in the shape of elves, gifts, animals, snowflakes and other related symbols & objects. Santa gets plenty of help from elves and woodland creatures to decorate his Christmas tree. Why not let them help you in solving this puzzle too!?

Note: all small StumpCraft puzzles, including this one, only come with a small reference label on the side of the box. For those wishing to use a larger reference image, please use the following link to display on your preferred digital display (iPad, phone, smart TV, etc.) 

Made in Canada.