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PAR + StumpCraft: Card Sharks by Alex Ross
PAR + StumpCraft: Card Sharks by Alex Ross

PAR + StumpCraft: Card Sharks by Alex Ross


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Artist: Alex Ross
Dimensions: 12.5" x 19" / 32cm x 48cm (large)
Piece Count: 540
Puzzle Designer: Justin Madden (PAR) 

“Card Sharks” depicts a group of fashionistas playing it cool at the beach, while competing hard at a serious game (and looking great to boot). We love the art from Alex Ross in this Saturday Evening Post cover from 1943, originally entitled Card Game at the Beach. Which style would you say is most deserving of a comeback? The bandana under a patterned fabric sombrero, or perhaps the ruffled doily mid-rise swimsuit and cap is more your style? As we all nostalgically say, they had it made back then…

This design by PAR includes a number of fun puzzles within the puzzle, as well as an irregular edge to keep you on your toes. You gotta stay sharp to compete against these Card Sharks!

Note: PAR Puzzles traditionally do not include a reference image in their boxes and other than a small image on the label, we have respectively followed suit. A digital reference image and whimsy list (silhouette pieces) are available here.