Deep Dive: Home of Sunshine by Dimitri Sirenko

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Home of Sunshine Whimsy Hero Shot 2

Artist: Dimitri Sirenko
Puzzle Design: Siri Olson
Dimensions: 44 cm x 27 cm
Piece Count: 449
Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Howdy, puzzle enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a breathtaking journey through Calgary's iconic skyline with our latest large-format puzzle. This masterpiece, brought to life by talented artist Dimitri Sirenko, captures the city's vibrant energy and architectural marvels in stunning detail.

This puzzle is more than just beautiful and rewarding: it's a love letter to Calgary. As you piece together the sprawling cityscape, you'll discover hidden "whimsies" – unique puzzle pieces shaped like iconic landmarks, public art installations, and cultural touchstones. From the gleaming towers of downtown to the serene Bow River, this puzzle captures the essence of what makes Calgary special.

Welcome to Calgary, our Home of Sunshine!


Siri’s Design Notes

Growing up in Calgary, the Stampede was always this larger-than-life event that seemed to captivate everyone around me. But I never quite understood the hype. Why did serious businessmen suddenly don cowboy hats? Why did storefronts transform into Western-themed movie sets? How could something I felt so disconnected from evoke such strong emotions in others?

As I embarked on designing this puzzle, a tribute to my hometown, I realized that the answer might lie in our personal reactions to art. Just as the Stampede ignites a passion in Calgarians, so too does art. Art has the ability to spark strong, vocal opinions as well joy, wonder, and a sense of connection.

This puzzle is my attempt to bridge that gap – to capture the essence of Calgary, not just through its western heritage, but through the diverse beauty that makes up our little corner of the universe. 

At the small scale, I wove in a few special bird-shaped locks in the puzzle that are a familiar sight on many Calgarian's commutes: first a family of Canadian geese fiercely protected by an angry-necked parent; and also a magpie, a bird you’d do well to be nice to because they remember faces!

On a much larger scale of things to notice in the city, several notable public art installations made their way into this design. The Chinook Arc is a particular favourite of mine, representing the unique wind pattern that blows warm, dry winds off the Rockies and toward Calgary. A mini diagram of this weather phenomenon is illustrated in the frame created the infamous Travelling Light (aka The Blue Ring). Another sculpture that has always stood out to me and many outspoken Calgarians is The Family of Man, although it has become much less scandalous with time. Initially displayed apart to represent the “dominance of man in the modern world,” the ten figures eventually found their home in Calgary and were arranged by city workers in a much more intimate circle.

Just as my own understanding of the Stampede deepened through conversations and exposure with other passionate Calgarians, I believe this puzzle can do the same for others. By piecing together the diverse details of our city, from the iconic Calgary Tower to its enduring wildlife, we can begin to appreciate what we each treasure.

Whether you're a lifelong Calgarian or a first-time visitor, I hope this puzzle sparks curiosity and encourages you to explore the rich tapestry of Calgary's culture, art, and natural beauty.

Whimsy List

* Discover these local Calgary sights and attractions by viewing the map below.


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