Deep Dive: Another Goal by Katerina Mertikas

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Artist: Katerina Mertikas
Puzzle Designer: Jasen Robillard
Dimensions: 41cm x 27cm
Piece Count: 434
Difficulty: 4 out of 5


Given that hockey is Canada's national pastime, it was only a matter of time before StumpCraft released a hockey-themed puzzle. Another Goal is a beautiful piece of naive expressionist art by Ottawa artist Katerina Mertikas. The artwork depicts a kids game of pickup hockey on an outdoor small town ice rink. Growing up in various small towns in Prescott-Russell county in Ontario, the scene reminds Jasen of the countless small towns he would drive through with his family in Ontario and Quebec. Part of the charm of the art for him is how much it reminds him of childhood and home.


Lightly watermarked reference image

Note, reference images are watermarked to prevent unauthorized printing of our artist's work, as well as disincentivize copycat puzzles which have become common since 2020.

Katerina Mertikas’ website

Shop: Katerina Mertikas - Another Goal

Puzzle Design Notes

Jasen’s goal in designing this puzzle was to incorporate as many winter elements, sports, and activities as possible. Hockey whimsies figure prominently within the puzzle but mostly as multi-piece whimsies. As a result, the whimsies take on a very stealthy nature, hiding themselves until the very last moment and increasing the puzzle challenge. Also woven in are a number of hockey-themed interlocks to add to the puzzle solving experience and enjoyment.


Whimsy List

  • Multi-piece whimsies
    • 4x hockey trophies
    • 3x goalies saving the game
    • 3x other hockey players
    • 3x winter birds
    • ice zamboni & driver
    • boy learning to skate
    • figure skating pair
    • girl & boy sledding
    • GT Racer
    • snow angel
    • snowman
    • snowflake
  • Single piece
    • 7x snowflakes (including some 2nd and 3rd order Koch snowflakes for all you mathematicians!)
    • 2x skates
    • 2x goalie sticks
    • female figure skater
    • dog
    • snowman skating
    • snow shovel
    • '88 Olympic torch
    • StumpCraft beaver & maple leaf
  • Interlocks
    • maple leaf
    • goal light
    • many locks inspired by your favourite hockey teams

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