Showcasing Local Artists - One Piece at a Time

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Calgary - StumpCraft Inc., a local award winning puzzle company, has released their latest series of deluxe wooden laser-cut jigsaw puzzles: Mountain Vistas. This set of mini puzzles showcases recent work from Cecile Albi, Alison Philpotts and Ruolin Shi, three gifted Calgary artists. Each puzzle depicts an iconic rocky mountain landscape: Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, Larch Valley near Banff, and The Three Sisters in Canmore. 

StumpCraft has partnered with these three artists to shine a spotlight on a small sampling of the incredible artistic talent within Calgary. StumpCraft has collaborated with numerous Canadian artists before, but this unique partnership is the first to feature a trio of Calgarian fine artists in a single puzzle release. 

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with over a dozen Calgary-based artists and I’m incredibly delighted by how these newest mini puzzles have come together. Each puzzle showcases a Calgary artist and their distinct style of art, while also providing a unique puzzle-within-the-puzzle: a whimsical vignette of each iconic landscape,” says StumpCraft founder, Jasen Robillard.


Like the iconic and ever-present silhouette of The Three Sisters, Cecile Albi’s "This Is It" serves as a visual testament to the captivating power of nature. Let "This Is It" transport you to a place of breathtaking & tranquil beauty where majestic mountains, serene lakes, and lush forests coexist in perfect harmony. More information about Cecile can be found at  

Alison Philpotts' "Larch Valley” combines the views up Sentinel Pass (just past Moraine Lake near Banff) with the seasonal yellow hues of larches in September. Alison has captured that awe-inspiring beauty, and the puzzle has been designed by StumpCraft designer Siri Olsen in a way that allows anyone to appreciate the magical views all year long. More information about Alison can be found at

Emerald Lake's shimmering water reflections bedazzle like no other. But so do the forests, mountain faces and sunset-blushed clouds under Ruolin Shi's geometic & kaleidoscopic vision. Many tourists will saunter up the boardwalk to visit Emerald Lake Lodge this summer but this puzzle enables an imagined trip at a moment’s notice. You'll no doubt be coming back for another refreshing gaze upon the jade waters. More information about Ruolin can be found at

We’re hoping to get the word out either by story or short piece. If you are interested, contact us at to set up interviews.


 Downloadable copy HERE.

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