Uplifting and Empowering Women at the Highbanks Society

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Generosity is one of StumpCraft’s core values. Generosity through intentional kindness speaks to the way we wish to support ourselves and the broader communities we live and engage with. While we’ve donated our puzzles to local charities and community organizations since StumpCraft’s inception, last year we decided to use our puzzles to raise funds and awareness for local causes that align with our values and broader community needs.

In 2022, we accomplished this through our partnership with Mountain Muskox and the Alpine Club of Canada in support of mental health and resiliency. We continue this ongoing partnership by contributing proceeds from each and every sale of Sharon Lynn Williams’ ‘A Different Glory’.

This past spring when Jasen started designing Kari Lehr’s ‘Queen Bee’ puzzle around themes of motherhood, we quickly connected to the Highbanks Society as our newest generosity partner.

About Highbanks Society 

Highbanks Society is a Calgary-based non-profit and registered charity that provides individual family accommodation and integrated support services for young mothers (16-24 years of age) and their children. Over 500 teen mothers give birth in Calgary every year. Many of these teen mothers face isolation, poverty, low rates of education, and underemployment. The young women who reach out to Highbanks for help are typically on the verge of homelessness, too often as a result of leaving stressful, abusive homes and relationships.

Highbanks aids these young women and children with affordable housing, case management, food security, budgeting, education enrollment, parenting support, and daily living skills. Highbanks’ program platform is designed to shift young vulnerable mothers into a resilient life approach with a commitment to education, supportive beliefs, behaviours, and coping skills.

A key component of Highbanks’ program is subsidized housing for young families. They manage five self-contained apartments on-site at their building in West Hillhurst, and up to ten apartments off-site through various housing partners. Highbanks furnishes these apartments and provides items required for setting up a comfortable, stable home that the mothers can take pride in. These items become the property of their residents as a way of setting up a stable foothold for these families as they gradually transition to independence.

Harmony For Hope

The Highbanks Society celebrated its 20th anniversary in October at the "Harmony For Hope" fundraising event. As a fundraising partner, we were invited to attend and were blessed with a remarkable evening filled with music, art and moving stories. Renowned musician Codie Prevost graced the stage alongside live painter and Toronto artist Julie Amlin. The evening provided us with an opportunity not only to gain a deeper understanding of Highbanks and their mission but also to connect with their dedicated team and several alumni who shared personal stories about the positive impact Highbanks continues to have on their lives.

Harmony of Hope

Giving Week 

Giving Week has consistently held a significant place in our generosity program. It is a time when we pause and turn away from the flashy deals and promotions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Instead, we turn our attention to making a difference and giving back to our community.

#GivingTuesday is a day dedicated to spreading love, kindness, and support to those who need it most. And what better way to celebrate than by joining hands to uplift and empower vulnerable women and children in our community?

We encourage you to donate directly to the Highbanks Society!

Until November 30th, we're amplifying our own donations to our generosity partners by doubling our donation (from $5 to $10) for each purchase of Queen Bee and A Different Glory. To sweeten the deal, we’ll also double the puzzle points you get for every purchase you make. And if you’re so inclined to donate the puzzle points you’ve accumulated to date, you have the opportunity to donate your extra puzzle points which we will match threefold!

Thanks for your generous support!

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  • Thank you for the reference to a truly worthy cause.
    Highbanks is also a registered charity.
    It might encourage possible donors if you point that out.

    james graham on

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