Beach Walk by Darlene Kulig

Beach Walk by Darlene Kulig

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Box Style Deluxe StumpCraft Box

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Expected release: Spring 2024

Artist: Darlene Kulig 
Puzzle Designer: Jasen Robillard
Dimensions: 36 cm x 21.6 cm
Piece Count: 240

Darlene and Jasen met at the One of a Kind show in 2023, through the kind introduction of our friends at Puzzle Nerds. Darlene's distinct style is perfectly suited to puzzle media and has been featured in many cardboard puzzles, as well as hand cut wooden puzzles by Toronto legend Puzzled by Paul Puzzles. When Jasen and Darlene were selecting art, Beach Walk Pink and Pale Green Sunset stood out to Jasen as he had recently walked this beach with his family earlier that summer. The location is the North Shore of PEI, about 20 minutes from Cavendish in Sea View.

Beach Walk Pink and Pale Green Sunset was created to honour Darlene's mother Jacqueline Kulig (French Canadian heritage). For Darlene, pink is the colour of unconditional love and her mother is forever in the changing sky as Darlene walks her own path. Jacqueline was also an avid gardener and loved flowers. Elements from PEI and Darlene's fond memories have been folded into the puzzle design.

Made in Canada.