PAR + StumpCraft: Buzzer Beaten

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Cheerleaders by Norman Rockwell

Artist: Norman Rockwell
Dimensions: 15" x 16" / 38cm x 41cm (large)
Piece Count: 550
Puzzle Designer: Justin Madden (PAR) 

Many of us are drawn to the drama that inevitably unfolds before our enraptured gazes at sporting events. The best of those moments depend on an unpredictable outcome, a rollercoaster of highs and lows to get our blood pumping, as well as great plays that we are unlikely to forget. We can all think back to our high school days and reminisce about a great match we partook in, even if we lost. Those losses are how we all learn to overcome defeat. Losing a tough game every once in a while can lead you to the ultimate win.

Buzzer Beaten is another special work by Norman Rockwell. Also known as "Losing the Game" or "Cheerleaders", it is one of five illustrations Rockwell painted as covers for the Saturday Evening Post in 1952. As in all of Rockwell's work, Buzzer Beaten captures a scene that could have occurred in any town in the country with Rockwell's typical sense of humour and gentle photorealistic nostalgia.


Lightly watermarked reference image

Note, our reference images are watermarked to prevent unauthorized printing of our artist's work, as well as copycat puzzles which have become common since 2020.

Whimsy List

(aka Silhouettes, for our traditional PAR Puzzlers)

  • 3x Marching Band Members
    • Crash Cymbal Percussionist
    • Trumpeter
    • Bass Drummer
  • 3x Cheerleaders
  • 3x Basketball Players
    • Defender
    • Dribbler
    • Slam Dunker
  • Traditional PAR Silhouettes
    • Alva (female fairy holding chalice)
    • Ringo Kid (cowboy with pistols)
    • Burro Amigo (donkey and rider)
    • Little John (robin hood character)
    • Jangles (male dancer with top hat and coattails)
    • Hines (male dancer with coattails and no hat)
    • Samba Dancer (dancing woman with headdress)
    • Balanchine (male ballet dancer with flowing sleeves)
  • Megaphone (multi-piece)
  • Basketball (multi-piece)
  • Signature PAR Seahorse

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