The perfect family bonding activity: wood jigsaw puzzles!

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Puzzles: good for your brain, good for your relationships

It may come as no surprise that completing puzzles has been proven to offer a range of benefits, but what benefits and why?

Our wood puzzles showcase fine art from Canadian artists; The puzzles are unique in that they require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition, the social skills and family connections that can be built by working through a challenge like a puzzle can’t be overstated. Puzzles are even a great team building exercise for the workplace!

Families who puzzle together, grow together 

So what makes completing puzzles together the perfectly peaceful family bonding activity?

Here are a few reasons why building puzzles together can bring your family closer:

1. Puzzles are a team activity

Striking that perfect balance between challenging and fun for all ages, puzzles are a perfect family activity. But we all have that one uber-competitive family member who takes games night far too seriously. The benefit of puzzles: they’re a team activity! There are no winners or losers. You are all collectively working towards the same goal: completion. Every piece placed is a micro-win!


2. Puzzles improve family conflict resolution 

Since completing a puzzle is a collaborative activity, you and your family will get to practice working through challenges together by talking things out. 

You and your family will get a chance to navigate through; asking for pieces that are across the table, holding pieces in a stable position while another person places an adjacent piece, and sharing space at a table such that several people can participate and help as best they can (elbows in, instead of elbows out).

The conflict resolution skills developed while building puzzles will last well past the last puzzle piece falling into place!


3. Puzzles enhance the quality time during special occasions

We’ve all been there: it’s a holiday, there is no school or work, and unless there’s food being eaten, everyone goes off to their own part of the house to enjoy their solitude. Puzzles are the perfect icebreaker to get everyone together and enjoy some quality time! Break out a holiday puzzle (like the Christmas-themed puzzle Happy Holidays by artist Kim Smith) and enjoy the added festivity and quality time with your loved ones. After all, isn’t that what holidays are truly about? 


4. Puzzles are a screen-free activity

Have you ever tried to talk to a kid whose nose is buried in their device? You’d have better luck talking to a puzzle piece. These days, it’s nearly impossible to get kids to glance away from their devices. So finding an activity that not only gets them to put their device away, but also benefits their development? It sounds too good to be true, but this is one life hack that shouldn’t be puzzling. 

Start bonding with your family now 

So the next time you’re looking for fun activities to do with kids, the perfect glamping (or check our mini puzzles for on-the-go in your camper vans) activity, or even the perfect gift for families, look no further than a puzzle. After all, the memories, togetherness, and laughter that comes from quality time with those you love is priceless. Start creating unforgettable moments by viewing our collection of wooden jigsaw puzzles here.


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