Introducing Our Puzzle Patron Rewards Program

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Over the last few years, we've been looking to implement an effective way to reward our most loyal fans - those Puzzle Patrons who've been critical to our small business growth. We're really excited to unveil the first initiatives in our StumpCraft Patron Reward Program. For now, Puzzle Points earned through this program can be redeemed for savings on future puzzle purchases... but we'll be experimenting with other playful ways of redeeming points. More on those ideas at a future date!

Follow these easy steps, and you will be on your way to earning points in no time. 

Step 1 – Create a Patron Account

On the StumpCraft website, you will see our Rewards widget in the bottom left corner of the page. 


Rewards sign up homepage
Desktop View


Rewards sign up mobile view

Mobile View


When you click on the Rewards widget it will open a dialogue box that looks like this: 


Rewards Sign Up


Click on the 'CREATE A STORE ACCOUNT' button and the following sign-up window will open:

Rewards sign up form


You can create an account using your email and a new password, or use an existing social login. When a Patron account is created on our website, you'll receive an account confirmation from us. You're now ready for the next step.

Step 2 - Account Verification

To verify your account, click on the Rewards widget to ensure you're logged in. If not, log in using the email and password (or social login) you just set up. Under the 'Earn Puzzle Points' tab click on 'Create Account: Verify your account'.



Click on the 'Verify Account' button:

Verify rewards account confirmation


You will receive an email with an account activation link. Click on your personalized link and then you are all set to earn Puzzle Points! 

To confirm your account creation points have been credited you can click on the history icon in the lower right corner of the Rewards widget. More information about our Patron Rewards can be accessed via the question mark icon, which will direct you to the Rewards FAQ.


Check rewards history


You're now ready to earn StumpCraft Puzzle Points!

Now that you are a Puzzle Points collector you can view your account balance at any time by logging in and clicking on the widget. You will see your points displayed in the bottom left corner. With as few as 30 points you can start redeeming for a discount on your new StumpCraft purchases.

Remember, in order to earn or use your points you must be logged in to your account.

If you would prefer to print out these account setup instructions, you can download a PDF guide at this link.


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