🍂 The Returns of Fall, Gratitude & Thanksgiving 🍂

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Just west of us, the larches in the Rockies are reaching their zenith this week; while in the East, maples and other deciduous trees are beginning their change of colour…

Seasonal transitions are a clockwork reminder that beauty takes on many forms and that time marches to its own beat. In autumn, we find ourselves returning to our more typical commutes and daily structure, including the return back to school. We squeeze out every opportunity to enjoy time outdoors before we ultimately retreat back indoors to seek shelter, warmth and comfort: a walk around the neighbourhood in our sandals, shorts and skirts; one last wiener & marshmallow roast at the campfire; a final nap in the hammock.

One final nap in the hammock...

Once inside we extend the summer further by preserving the fruits and vegetables of harvest through rituals of fermentation, canning and pie-making. Somehow despite the busyness of these traditions, there’s a comfort in returning to the seasonal autumn rituals. They remind us of the time-bound relationships we have with nature, our homes, our family, and our friends. It’s only natural that we celebrate family and gratitude this time of the year.

What were you most grateful for this summer? What are you looking forward to the most this fall?

As the heat of the summer comes to an end to make way for the shimmering of frost in our gardens, puzzles once again begin to adorn the tables of our gathering places. If puzzling has earned a place in your busy schedules, perhaps one of the puzzles in our Fall Collection will inspire you to gather those dear to you to engage in the practice of looking back fondly on the season that was, and beholding the beauty of the season that is before you.

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