Autumn's Glory by Noemie Cote

Autumn's Glory by Noemie Cote

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Expected release: Spring/Summer 2024

: Noemie Cote
Puzzle Designer: Jasen Robillard & Siri Olson
: 12 cm x 12 cm
Piece Count: ~60
Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Noémie paints open-impressionist landscapes that capture the essence of a scene, breathes new life into it and leaves the observer uplifted. It’s as if her mind were a prism that takes in the white light that she sees and disperses the component colours on the rolling hills or through the branches of a tree. Noémie’s love of nature was ignited by her early years living in Africa. Returning to Canada at the age of 13, she fell in love with the ever-changing seasons, the contrast of lush vibrant colours, and the stillness of snowy scenes.

Noémie and Jasen have been chatting for several months and selected Autumn's Glory as their first collaboration. A week before meeting in person  at Artist Project in Toronto in April 2024, Noémie was awarded the inaugural Artistic Expression Award by the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA). The SCA explained their selection as follows with respect to 'Autumn's Glory'.

“Artistic expression is the soul of the piece, capturing the viewer’s attention and fostering a meaningful connection. This category focuses on the artist’s ability to convey emotions, ideas, and concepts through their work. Jurors will assess the depth of expression, originality of interpretation, and the artist’s unique voice evident in the artwork.”

We couldn't have said it any better as we were eager to work with Noémie for the very same reasons! We're so excited to bring Noémie artwork to more people through the puzzle medium.  

We launched our mini puzzle series in 2022 to wide acclaim. We are adding more of these to our lineup to bring an even wider range of Canadian fine art to our puzzle catalog offerings. 

Our mini puzzles provide a bite size taster of what StumpCraft has to offer. They're awesome for hospitality gifts, puzzling on flights or road trips, corporate gifting or breaks in your lunch room with coworkers.

Made in Canada.