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Silent Communion by Graeme Shaw

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Box Style Deluxe StumpCraft Box

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Expected release: 2024

: Graeme Shaw
Dimensions: 38 cm x 38 cm
Piece Count: ~400-500

Graeme approaches life and art with a grounded and spiritually-rooted sense of humility. Through his art, he invites us into serene moments among the hundred-year-old trees and the stone-faced monuments that have withstood millennia of tectonic shifts and erosion. The vastness and variety of natural landscapes in Graeme's profilic artwork point to our limited human experience, to how little we know but also to our grandest potential.

In Silent Communion, Graeme asks us to shift our gaze across the horizons, beyond the foreground and to the highest peaks.  By looking into the distance and by raising our sights, we can improve our "ken" -  the fullest capacity of our vision, perception, understanding, and knowledge. Our potential is only limited by our gaze and the courage to walk through the valleys in order to climb to the vistas where our highest potential resides. 

So find a comfy rock to sit on, enjoy some trail mix while you take in the view and map out your path. You'll know when it's time to start climbing...