A Different Glory by Sharon Lynn Williams

A Different Glory by Sharon Lynn Williams

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Expected release: early September 2022.

Full Title
: A Different Glory
Artist: Sharon Lynn Williams
Dimensions: 45.5 cm x 30 cm
Piece Count: ~550
Puzzle Designer: Jasen Robillard

Waskahigan Watchi (house mountain in Cree, and also known as Rundle Mountain) serves as the striking backdrop to Vermillion Lakes in this beautiful painting by Calgary artist Sharon Lynn Williams

The iconic ridge and surrounding landscape calls us back to revisit it again and again at various times of day, and at different seasons of the year. Every moment in this special place is worth savouring. In 'A Different Glory', Sharon highlights and juxtaposes the varied and contrasting elements that elevate our spirits when we are exposed to mountain life: the changing tone and shade of colours in the sky and clouds; the shadows playing against the subtle relief of the ridge face; the aliveness of seasonally evolving flora and fauna; the fluidity of water against the relative stillness of thrusted rock sheets.

Designed and made in Canada, in support of Mountain Muskox - Mountain Therapy Initiative. You can find out more but Mountain Muskox by reading this excellent article in Macleans Magazine.