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Carnival   Undated Watercolour 30 cm x 37.5 cm  Unsigned    Provenance The Artist  Orval and Barbara Allen, Deville, Alberta  Anthony and Nancy Allen, Edmonton, Alberta
Carnival by C.W. Jefferys
Carnival by C.W. Jefferys
Carnival by C.W. Jefferys
Carnival by C.W. Jefferys
Carnival by C.W. Jefferys

Carnival by C.W. Jefferys


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Artist: C.W. Jefferys
Dimensions: 25cm x 31cm (small)
Piece Count: 440

Charles William Jefferys (1869-1951) was a prolific Canadian artist, illustrator and author. He is best known for his illustrations of Canada’s past which have stimulated the imagination and resonated in the cultural memory of Canadians for generations. His Impressionist landscapes, particularly of Western Canada, significantly influenced the artists of his day, including the famous Group of Seven. You can read more about C.W. Jefferys at the official online catalog. 

Winter festivals are part of our time-honored Canadian traditions. After all, what better way to celebrate the coldest months of the winter than bundling up and braving the freezing cold to go out frolicking in the snow with your friends and perhaps Quebec's Bonhomme Carnaval? Especially if you've got a great puzzle to share in the warmth of your home when you get back from the frigid festivities.

Once inside the warmth of your home, shed your tuques, mitts and scarves! Warm up by the fire as you reminisce and share stories about giant snow castles and epic snowball fights. Be warned: this is a VERY hard puzzle. If the warmth of the hearth isn't enough to warm you up, perhaps this brainburner will do the trick.

Note: all small StumpCraft puzzles, including this one, only come with a small reference label on the side of the box. For those wishing to use a larger reference image, please use the following link to display on your preferred digital display (iPad, phone, smart TV, etc.) 

Made in Canada.