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Her Journey by Gaia Orion

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Box Style Deluxe StumpCraft Box

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Expected release: Spring 2024

: Gaia Orion
Dimensions: 27.5 cm x 27.5 cm
Piece Count: ~250-300

Gaia's website and artist statement provide a wonderful glimpse into her life, art and purpose.

Art has always been a lasting reflection of historical stages since the dawn of humanity. Gaia’s colourful, detailed, harmonious oil paintings are narratives of our personal and collective stories in these present challenging times. Gaia deeply feels the call to return to the natural and the spiritual and that it is an absolute necessity for us as a species to take responsibility in our next evolutionary step.

Although her themes are universal they also speak more specifically with strong feminine images, inviting women to embrace and reconnect to who they are in the full scope of their power and capacities.

Gaia has built a successful international art career and is also a certified creativity coach. She is a mentor for anyone willing to ignite their art career and brings art-based learning tools to the corporate world. Gaia is passionate about leading a fulfilling, healthy life. With her creativity she has found her way of sharing and connecting deeply with people.

Of Her Journey, she states:

She is born rising with the sun, her life is a series of cycles within each other. She is experiencing, learning, growing each day as well as through monthly moon cycles, seasons passing and stages of life: the young girl, the mother, the sorceress, the wise one; none of them are fixed in time. The young girl is the mother when she nurses her doll, the mature woman continues to be a mother when she cares for her aging parents. In spring, just like when the child is growing up full of energy, we feel alive and creative, planting seeds in our gardens and in our lives. Every season allows us to experience the stages of our whole life.