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Julien Delval's Malédiction - Jigsaw Puzzle

Malédiction by Julien Delval

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Artist: Julien Delval
Dimensions: 43cm x 30cm
Piece Count: 472

Julien Delval is perhaps most well known for his beautiful and exquisitely detailed illustrations that appear on many fantasy book covers for adults and teens. Julien is also a sought-after illustrator for board games, which is how this particular puzzle came to be. Malédiction was originally the cover art for a now out-of-print game by Alea-Ravensburger in Germany. The timely resuscitation of this thematic cover art seemed a perfect fit for a Halloween-themed puzzle.

Whimsies for this puzzle are themed around sorcery, alchemy and creatures associated with Halloween. Clever puzzlers may also find all the necessary "ingredients" to make their own Feature Creature!

More information about Julien Delval can be found at his blog and at the Bureau 21 Gallerie website. 

Made in Canada.