Deep Dive: Treerific by Lukas Robillard

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Treerific by Lukas Robillard - StumpCraft PuzzleArtist: Lukas Robillard

Dimensions: 34.3cm x 25cm
Piece Count: 240
Puzzle Designer: Jasen Robillard

Lukas Robillard, painted this beautiful tree at the ripe age of 10, under the tutelage of local Calgary artist Michelle Austen. As soon as he brought the canvas home, his father Jasen knew he had to turn it into a puzzle. The puzzle design was infused with Lukas’ favourite activities of the moment: art (supplies, origami animals), family pets (cats and dogs), and sports (biking, climbing, baseball). This is an easier puzzle appropriate for puzzlers new to the wooden jigsaw puzzle hobby, or wanting a quick puzzle diversion.


Lightly watermarked reference image

Note, reference images are watermarked to prevent unauthorized printing of our artist's work, as well as copycat puzzles which have become common since 2020.

Whimsy List

  • 3x Cats
  • 2 Dogs
  • 3x Origami Animals
  • 3x Paint Brushes
  • 2x Scissors
  • Paint Tube
  • Art Easel
  • Dad Coaching
  • Rocking Horse
  • Jumping Rope
  • Leap Frogging
  • Kid on Swing

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