New Puzzle: Noah's Ark by Sam Millard

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One of the aspects I love the most about this puzzle artisan adventure I'm on, is the opportunity to meet great artists from across the country. I had the pleasure of doing just that this past weekend as I planned to hand off the first copy of Noah's Ark by Sam Millard, to Sam herself while I was vacationing in Kimberley!

Our plan was to meet up for dinner at our family's favourite Kimberley restaurant, Pedal & Tap. However knowing that there would likely be a lineup, I suggested a backup plan of meeting at Creme (the local cheese shop). "When someone suggests a cheese shop as a backup meet-and-greet location, I know we're going to get along", Sam said. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying food, drink, conversation and nanaimo bar ice cream before hanging out at a backyard campfire.

The weather cooperated to deliver a rainy Sunday afternoon so that Sam could solve the puzzle guilt-free. Her enthusiastic response to the puzzle was a great relief and exactly the reaction I was hoping for:

"I can’t tell you how beautiful [your] work is. ‘Puzzle’ is a major understatement when talking about [your] masterpieces. I LOVE how [you've] taken the shapes from my painting and recreated them in other parts as puzzle pieces. It’s a puzzle on steroids and the best way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Thank you Jasen, it’s absolutely stunning, I’m completely in love with your work ❤️ "


As a final word, I'm going to provide a list of the whimsies I've designed into the puzzle. For those of you who want to find all the whimsies, you'll now have a full list. :)

List of whimsies:

  • Multi-piece whimsies
    • elephant
    • hippo
    • bear
  • Single piece
    • cougar at rest
    • flamingo
    • shark
    • fish
    • 2x monkeys
    • Noah's ark
    • 2x birds in flight
    • rooster
    • camel
    • kangaroo
    • rabbit
    • StumpCraft beaver & maple leaf
    • ram head
    • giraffe head
    • lion head
  • Interlocks
    • barn swallow
    • camel head
    • rabbit head
    • evergreen tree
    • leaf

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  • I just received by mail Noah’s Ark puzzle and I just want to let you know how impress I am with the presentation of the puzzle, the quality of the puzzle,( I also love the smell) I am looking forward in doing the puzzle. I will be ordering more in the future and will recommend Your company to my friends. Thank you for making this quality product .

    Manon Boaler on

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