I Will Go There by Serge Dubé
I Will Go There by Serge Dubé

I Will Go There by Serge Dubé


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Artist: Serge D. Dubé
Dimensions: 35cm x 35cm
Piece Count: 445

A vibrant, and dynamic mountain landscape painted by Serge Dube, using his unique acrylic technique. An artist whimsy piece can be found signing the painting, and Serge's quintessential collection of acrylic paint bottles can be found dispersed throughout the puzzle. As the landscape is reminiscent of the mountain landscape surrounding Canmore, Alberta, the puzzle is designed to feature shoulder season sights & activities in and around this mountain paradise: runners, a hiker, a snowmobiler, plenty of local wildlife and a subtle tip of the hat to the iconic Three Sisters. 

Serge maintains and regularly updates his website at www.sergedube.com. He also frequently posts on his Facebook page.

Made in Canada.