Serge Dubé Puzzle Added to Catalogue

Posted by Jasen Robillard on

Panorama of Mt. Aosta & Lower Elk Lake, BC

I had a wonderful weekend with friends and family up at the Elk Lakes ACC Hut in British Columbia. The setting was perfect given the puzzle prototype I'd brought up for testing: Serge Dubé's beautiful "I Will Go There".

The new puzzle was gleefully extracted from my loaded backpack as soon as we finished our hike in. Our group of twelve intrepid hut campers took turns around the table and finished the new jigsaw puzzle within 3 hrs. Feedback was very positive and I'm happy to report the prototype cut requires very few edits (mostly just need to add a few more lines to make a couple more pieces). As such, StumpCraft has a third puzzle to select from in the catalogue. I hope you'll enjoy this one as much as we did this Thanksgiving weekend!

I Will Go There by Serge Dubé


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