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The Quick Summary

Mandy Budan - Summer Medley Jigsaw Puzzle CloseupTwo months ago I launched StumpCraft - my new deluxe jigsaw puzzle company. The bottom line is I'd love your help in getting the word out about these awesome jigsaw puzzles. If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, like supporting local small businesses, or have hard-to-buy-for people on your gift-giving list, I invite you to consider supporting me in the following ways:

Otherwise, if you know someone who is a fan of jigsaw puzzles, I would appreciate you making the connection through a gift, an email or a social media share. 

As an incentive, I'm running a FREE PUZZLE DRAW. Anyone who orders a puzzle before November 30 will receive three entries in the draw, and anyone who signs up for my newsletter will receive one entry in the draw. The winner will be drawn on Dec 12 and can choose any puzzle from my catalogue.

Not Your Typical Jigsaw Puzzle

​Serge Dube - I Will Go There Jigsaw PuzzleStumpCraft puzzles aren't the cheapo cardboard and paper puzzles made in China that you can find in most stores. StumpCraft puzzles are printed onto 6mm thick EcoGold MDF using premium UV inks. They are then cut by yours truly using a CO2 laser following intricate line cuts of my design. The result is a very sensory pleasing, tactile puzzle: a light toasty smell; vibrant colourful pieces that pop off the table; thick, chunky puzzle pieces that feel and sound great when you put them in the right spot. If you haven't played with one of these deluxe jigsaw puzzles before, you're in for a treat. Everything about them positively reinforces the elements of traditional puzzles.


Serge Dube - I Will Go There Jigsaw Puzzle Whimsy PiecesFour puzzles are currently available to order from my online catalogue. At the moment, the art I've selected has a very deliberate Canadian focus. First, we have two contemporary artists: Mandy Budan from Pickering ON, and Serge Dubé (art and whimsy pieces shown above) from Langley BC. Also featured is Alberta's own most renowned landscape artist, Roland Gissing, as well as Group of Seven associated artist Tom Thomson. Each puzzle features unique "whimsy" pieces that depict people, objects and wildlife associated with the subject of the art itself.

    The Ask

    Puzzles have been an ongoing part of our Robillard-Robinson family holiday traditions since our youth. Heather remembers spending Christmas at her grandparents' and working at her Norman Rockwell Santa puzzle while Gran took care of the turkey and the mashed potatoes. Likewise in our home through December, there's at least one puzzle out for guests to enjoy. We've introduced these types of puzzles to many of you! 

    And so I'm asking whether you'd consider starting a new holiday tradition: a StumpCraft Jigsaw Puzzle! 

    Heather and I are personally fond of family gifts, items that facilitate "quality time" spent with our loved ones. But there's also potential to extend this holiday tradition idea to the workplace. I know several businesses who struggle to come up with unique corporate gifts for special clients and customers. Or perhaps, you're looking for something special to bring your workmates closer together. In that case, consider the use of a StumpCraft puzzle as a fulcrum for social gathering at the water cooler or the lunch room.

    What Can You Do?

    The bottom line with any new business is increasing awareness about the product. With the gift giving season upon us, I'm trying to get the word out as much as I can and as early as I can. With that in mind, I'd like to offer some incentives for my early supporters. 

    I'm running a FREE PUZZLE DRAW. Anyone who orders a puzzle before November 30 will receive three entries in the draw, and anyone who  signs up for my newsletter will receive one entry in the draw. I'll draw a random name on Dec 12 and the winner can choose any puzzle from the current catalogue.

    Once you've received your puzzle and get it to the table, please take photos and share with your social media networks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag #StumpCraftPuzzles so I can follow along.

    Finally, if you live in Calgary:
    • you can save on shipping by selecting the Pickup Option at Checkout
    • I'll be at the Market Collective Craft Show the first two weekends in December. If you happen to be there, make sure to swing by a say hi. I'll have all four puzzles on display and for sale.
    If you've made this far - thanks for reading! Appreciate your support and I look forward to hearing your feedback on the puzzles.

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    • You have spoiled me for all other puzzles!!! “Malediction” (a gift from my Turner Valley daughter) even had my puzzle-shy husband sitting at the puzzle table for hours. I have ordered my own birthday present just now “Tea from the Void” and can’t wait to get it.
      You are brilliant to have given new life to an old favourite pastime!

      Lee Ann Pearson on
    • I received the mad hatter puzzle for christmas this year and love everything about it! I love the way the pieces feel and they smell like beautiful smoked birch. I was delighted to find intricate character pieces from the storey as puzzle pieces. Thank you for making such an enjoyable work of art!

      Kara Hallett on
    • Thanks Maria – glad you enjoyed the loan and the puzzle!

      Valda, your best option is to order via the website through most of the year. I attend a handful of summer markets and then ramp up my presence in the fall. Those fall/winter events are the best way to see all my puzzles in person.

      Jasen Robillard on
    • We were given one of your puzzles as a gift, and enjoyed very much. We would like to have another one. How would I be able to get one or two?

      Valda Devitt on
    • A friend lent me one of your puzzles
      I will go there by Serge Dubé
      I thoroughly enjoyed it

      Maria McCurdy on

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