New Puzzle Alert: Mandy Budan's Falling!

StumpCraft Launch Time

Well folks - it's time to make this official. As of September 14, StumpCraft is now live! You can start ordering your StumpCraft puzzles right now.

Mandy Budan - Summer Medley Jigsaw Puzzle

For the time being, I have two beautiful puzzles available for pre-order: Mandy Budan's Summer Medley and Roland Gissing's Sunset Glow. I expect to have 2 additional designs added to the catalog in October and another two added in November, all of which will be available for delivery before your holiday gift giving needs.

While I initially gauge demand and puzzle lab throughput, my intent over the next two months is to set a monthly pre-order window for delivery to your home within the following month. So generally speaking, September pre-orders will be fulfilled in October, and October pre-orders in November. Of course, I'll endeavour to get your puzzles to you as soon as possible.


In the meantime, if you know any puzzle lovers among your family and social circles, it would be greatly appreciated if you'd tell them about your (not-so) secret puzzle source. 

Looking forward to getting you some awesome jigsaw puzzles in the coming weeks. 

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  • Would you consider making a puzzle that features an indigenous artist / theme…. Canadian of course!

    Karen Young

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